Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cassidy's Tour de Chicago

Cassidy had her first road trip to the big city this past weekend! While Mike was off in North Carolina standing up in his friend Layne's wedding, we had an early Thanksgiving celebration and the kids and I spent a long weekend with the fam. We were showered with lots of love and attention and everyone was eager to get some snuggles with our sweet girl. Here's a few shots from the weekend! (Many of the same faces are featured here as during Troy's first visit to Chicago nearly three years ago!)

While Troy was off at the circus with Gramma and Grampa, Cassidy and I enjoyed a lunch date with Beema (Cassidy's great grandma). Since she slept all through lunch (thanks Cass!) we retreated to Beema's peaceful condo afterwards so they could get in some snuggles.

Both Gramma and Grampa had lots of opportunities to hang with Cass and Troy while we were staying in their home!

My mom's longtime friend Gayle stopped by on Saturday to hang with Cassidy while I helped Mom get ready for our big family dinner. She did the same thing with Troy when I took him up to Chicago for the first time and there was a big family meal to get ready for!

Aunti Patti (my aunt) got her hands on Cass right as she fell asleep, so she got some of the most peaceful snuggles of the evening.

Next up was poor Aunt Sue, who got Cass as she was waking up and working on a rather large and explosive poop. Sorry, Sue!

Big cousin Emily looked so proud and grown up as she held Cass. A great babysitter in training, this one!

Auntie Daria also got a peaceful napping baby towards the end of the night.

Later in the weekend, Cassidy and I paid a visit to my best friend Nat and her husband Joe at their beautiful new home in the city. These two are also celebrating their second anniversary this week. Happy Anniversary you two!

As we were getting ready for bed our final night, Cassidy began to show off her impressive neck control. I'll have to get a better picture of her doing some tummy time soon. I can't believe how strong she's getting!

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