Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chicago fun

Troy's past weekend wasn't too shabby either! There were many fun things planned for him to do while we were visiting the city. The fun kicked off on Friday when Gramma and Grampa took him on a special date to see the circus. He loved the elephants, of course. I heard Grampa say they danced to Gangham Style... you don't get to see that everyday!

On Saturday morning, we went to Jump Zone, our new favorite Saturday morning spot near my parents' house with Uncle Andy and Auntie Daria. Uncle Andy was a pro at hoisting Troy onto the giant inflatables so he could climb them, bounce and slide down with glee. (Fun fact: our first visit to Jump Zone back in January was the first time I had an inkling I was pregnant with Cassidy. Climbing the giant inflatables and feeling completely exhausted was a tipoff that something was different than normal...I found out i was pregnant the next day!)

We wrapped up the weekend with a visit to my favorite mall, Woodfield. Troy was very into the (pretend but very realistic) alligator and other animals at the rainforest cafe. We stopped by there three different times.

He also had a ton of fun at the lego store. We're still a little ways off from the lego chapter of our lives but this boy is going to LOVE them, I have a feeling.

Troy "made" a build-a-bear for Cassidy for Christmas. He recorded an adorable message for it but weve already accidentally erased it and had to re-record. Hoping that doesnt happen again!

Big cousin Emily chased Troy around the massive play area while I fed Cass and visited with my aunt. A lovely way to spend an afternoon!

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