Friday, November 29, 2013

Deck the Halls

Its the day after Thanksgiving which means... time to decorate for Christmas! Troy and I were both VERY excited :) First thing this morning when we unpacked the tree, I had to tend to Cassidy for a minute and turned around when I heard Troy say, "Mommy, its SO pretty!" He had stuck the top of our tree into the base and was ready to call it quits. A perfectly Troy-sized tree!

We did it in stages today. Ornaments waited until after naptime, so I could have plenty of time to work on the lights and fluff the tree. Troy was a great help with all the ornaments and has his own little cluster of his favorites on one side :)

Now, Mike and I are enjoying a few quiet moments downstairs by the light of the tree, while both kids snooze upstairs. Even if it only lasts a few more moments, I'm soaking it in! I love the Christmas season!

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