Sunday, November 17, 2013

Illini Street Fest: Illinois vs Ohio State

With (relatively) warm fall temperatures, Gramma and I told Troy we were going to go out somewhere first thing Saturday morning. First he asked what store we were going to and then asked if we were running an errand. I didn't tell him what we were doing since it kind of hinges on finding free parking easily. This apparently added to the suspense and he said, "is it something EXCITING!?" I'm just glad it worked out so he was disappointed :)

We walked right up behind the band as they welcomed the football team. In Troy's world, this is all he needs to celebrate a college football Saturday. He doesn't even want to see a game, just wants to see the band and their horns and drums :)

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  1. I can NOT wait to buy him an Auburn SEC CHampionship hat in a few weeks!!!!