Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Indoor Playground fail

In the past, I've been a raving fan of our indoor playground. And in theory, it sounds like a great place. But the last time we were there (a few weeks ago) Troy had multiple run-ins with children who weren't being supervised by their parents. Nonetheless, yesterday we were nearby and I knew Troy could use some running around so I gave it another try. Sadly, this time didn't work out so well either. With the influx of older kids in the after-school hours, my observant son spent time watching them do all the "big kid" things at the playground. And then proceeded to push beyond his own toddler limits to try many of them. End result? Face plant down the fire pole. I'm thoroughly pleased that all he has are scrapes and nothing worse.

After that, the poor guy spent some time playing with the blocks until it was time to leave :(

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