Monday, November 25, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Box

Now that we have a nearly three year old (yikes!) who completely and totally understanding the idea of receiving gifts, I wanted to make sure this Christmas we spend plenty of time giving gifts too. Our radio station, WBGL, had been talking about Operation Christmas Child quite a bit and I decided it'd be a good thing for us to try. You get a shoebox sized box and pack it full of goodies for a child somewhere on the other side of the world, in turn sharing Jesus' love with them this Christmas.

We talked about this idea for about a day before we went shopping and Troy took a few moments to get used to the idea of shopping for someone else :) But once he grasped it, he really embraced it! It helped that we were shopping for a boy 2-4 years old. Some of the things we included were matchbox cars, a toy firetruck, stretchy lizards/snakes (a Troy fav!), a basketball sweatshirt, a toothbrush/toothpaste, crayons and a Christmas book. Troy enthusiastically packed the box when we got home from shopping!

Then he said he needed to color a picture to put in there, too. Great idea, Troy!

I was one proud mama when we stopped by Meadowbrook Church to drop off our box and we stopped to pray for the little boy before we handed it over. I asked Troy if he wanted to pray and without pause, he prayed, "Jesus, I pray for the little boy with no toys. We love him. Amen." 

Also a really cool feature is that you can make your $7 donation to cover shipping costs online and print off a label for your box. They'll send you an email telling you where/when your box arrives next month! How awesome is that!?

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