Thursday, November 28, 2013

Restoration Dinner and Thanksgiving Food Boxes

Now an annual tradition for us, we had a dinner planned to go along with our church's food box distribution at Restoration Urban Ministries. I coordinate the dinner part of the outreach and have the help of many, many people to make it happen. Our great food pantry director coordinates the rest of the evening and she asked me if we could once again do a dinner after last year's success!

On Monday, I was definitely feeling a bit like super mom. I did my first drive back from Chicago by myself with both kids. Got everything unloaded in the house and unpacked too! They took simultaneous afternoon naps for a couple hours!

And then they kept sleeping... and sleeping... and I had to wake both of them up so we could get ready for the evening's plans. Neither one enjoyed this interruption :/ Troy was supposed to go to a friend's house to play so I'd only have to juggle dinner and Cassidy instead of dinner plus both kids. He had a meltdown when I told him I would be dropping him off though, and I couldn't risk driving all the way out to Mahomet just to end up bringing him along anyways when he didn't want to be left :/ So I nervously packed both of them up and prayed for the best.

The night was a great reminder of why I shouldn't worry about these things. And also a great reminder that I don't have to do it all on my own. From the time we pulled up at the church to pick up food, we were swarmed with eager teens ready to help out that night and load and unload that night's dinner. Then there were an abundance of volunteers willing to work the food line at Restoration as we served dinner.

Since all my areas of responsibility were covered, I ended up with the pleasure of having dinner with a young family new to Restoration. It was a great experience and a nice example of how a night may not look exactly like I planned, but it ends up even better than I imagined!

A big prayer circle to kick off dinner and the evening's events.

Dinner is served!

My little munchkins "helping" by listening to me (Troy) and chilling in her stroller calmly. (Cassidy)

Worship time with a packed house!

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