Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baking Day 2013

Remember what I said about not having many traditions yet? This is another one that's early in the making :) It seems like the weekend before Christmas is a great time to make some cookies each year! (Especially kid-friendly ones)!) This year, we invited a friend over for Troy to bake with, too! (Which necessitated me to be even more organized before we began. Two toddlers in dough and sprinkles is twice the fun as one!)

The highlight for Troy is cutting out and decorating sugar cookies. I have used this recipe a couple times now and I really like a) that its easy, b) they taste good and c) they bake and cool quickly. All good things! After we cut them out, baked them and cooled, we use this glaze and sprinkles to decorate!
Hard at work. Troy loves this activity! He helped roll out the dough and did almost all the cutting out himself. 
Cassidy and I hanging out while we wait for them to cool! She was a good helper by being super content the whole morning. 
Some of the end results. What Christmas is complete without a heavily sugared up school bus!?

After Troy's hands-on morning, I continued on with cranking out a few more. He was interested in what I was doing but since he'd played with cookies all morning, he just came over to check periodically :) And attempt to swipe one, too!

2013 baking success! Not bad for one day while balancing the care of an infant, too :)
Starting in the jar and moving clockwise: Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Chocolate Peppermint (with Andes mint bits substituted for the M&Ms), butter cookies with buttercream frosting, sugar cookies (recipe above) and M&M cookies (I'd received a jar with all the dry ingredients as a gift a couple weeks ago!)

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  1. Oh you're making me want to get out the Kitchen Aid : )