Saturday, January 25, 2014

A much awaited playdate

Now, I look forward to all my playdates with anticipation, don't get me wrong. But this one in particular, I've REALLY been looking forward to for a long time! My wonderful friend Sarah has been waiting and waiting to bring her son Benjamin home and at long last, they brought him home just a little over a week ago!!! Troy has enjoyed following all their photos from their time together in Korea and when I told him this morning he was getting to play with him, he was VERY excited!

We met up at the library for some playtime before the Lunar New Year celebration (which we also attended last year). They played at the train table together so peacefully :) Benjamin seemed to really enjoy his first visit to the library and Troy was happy to show him the ropes!

After a little while, we headed into the area where the performance would take place. It was, again this year, so very crowded and I wasn't sure if the program would grab our boys. But it did! For nearly an hour they sat on their little mats on the ground watching from the front row. Then they started to get a little restless (hey, the program said it would last 45 minutes, they must have picked up on that, haha) so we packed up and headed out. But while the performers were on, they shared snacks (Troy realized Benjamin had lots of great snacks with him, and he was eager to share!) and clapped for the performers. 

Congratulations again, Fred and Sarah and Welcome Home, Benjamin! We can't wait to have many, many more times getting these boys together in the future!

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