Monday, January 20, 2014

Cassidy is 3 months old!

Happy three months to my beautiful girl! This baby brings me so much joy and happiness every day that I seriously think my heart is going to burst some days. I love her like crazy and am so glad she's here with us. I spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year this past month, as this month last year was the month we found out prayers had been answered and she'd be joining our family :) She's a special little girl no doubt!

Eating: Cassidy eats about 8 times a day still, usually for 20-30 minutes at a time. Breastfeeding has improved once again this past month, and I'm incredibly glad its worked out. We still have challenges from time to time but she is doing remarkably well. We had her lip/tongue ties evaluated and her tongue is fine, she has great movement there. Her lip is a little restricted but the oral surgeon said he thought she'd grow out of it and doesn't recommend we do anything to it. If I leave her through a feeding (which has happened twice this past month) she takes about 4 or 5 ounces of milk. She takes a bottle great, too!

Sleeping: Cass takes 2 or 3 quick naps (20-40 minutes each) throughout the day and one much longer nap, almost always in the afternoon, for around 2 hours usually. The rest of the time she is awake, awake, AWAKE and those bright eyes are taking the world in. We moved her to the crib this past week, as I started easing her in there for as many naps as possible and then one night took the bassinet down and moved her for overnights. She didn't like her crib much but I got her a cute mobile that she likes and she is doing better now. She has slept through the night once since we moved her, but the rest of the nights has been up to eat once. She sleeps like 9pm-6:30am, sometimes later if her feeding is in the early morning hours :) I mostly rock or nurse her to sleep but a couple times since I moved her into her crib she has successfully put herself to sleep! Usually for naps or after an overnight feeding. I know "they" say nursing a baby to sleep is a "bad" thing to do but I look at that sleepy, beautiful face before I put her down and don't see a thing "bad" about it :)

Playing: Cassidy plays with toys now! Just on Friday, I was at a playdate and said she hadn't started reaching for toys yet. That very night I had a caterpillar propped up in front of her on her high chair while I worked in the kitchen and I looked over and she'd somehow grabbed it! She likes her activity mat and she likes watching anything overhead on her carseat/crib/pack and play/whatever.
New things she's doing: Reaching for things. Cooing even more. Laughing out loud. Taking cute to a whole new level.

Clothes: Almost all 3-6 months, except for some 0-3 pants and onesies I use. I have absolutely loved pulling out her new wardrobe and rotating in new cute items! (How many times can a woman use the word "cute" in one blog post?!)

Likes: Baths and water in general. Being part of conversation. Trying to sit up. Sucking her fingers. Loving life.

Dislikes: Burping. Switching sides in a feeding. Getting dried off after a bath. And that's about it.

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