Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hittin' the Road

With the new year, comes an increase in Mike's travel as track season ramps up. (Though if you ask him when travel season is, he replies all year. I still think its safe to say there's an increase this time of year though.) Nonetheless, Troy is more aware than ever this year of Daddy's travels, so to help make it a little fun for him, Mike keeps coming up with fun ways to stay in touch.

First, there's the long-standing tradition of sending pics of "daddy's airplane" when he's sitting at the airport. Troy really likes getting these and asks to see them multiple times during a given trip. One time he even sent us pics from the air as he landed or took off.

Then last month, he thought to take Troy's favorite toy, Doug the dinosaur (a large T-Rex) on a trip with him, without Troy knowing. I wish I had a pic of when we FaceTimed with Mike the next morning and Doug was just chilling in the hotel room with Daddy!

Now since Doug is on the larger side, Daddy hasn't taken him on another trip yet. But when we say goodbye for trips, he and Troy pick out a toy for Daddy to take on the road with him :) Then we get pics and FaceTimes with that toy whenever we talk to Daddy. This time, sheep got to travel to sweet home Alabama, and we received 3 or 4 pics of sheep settling into his hotel room last night :) We love you, Daddy, keep up the fun with us while you're away!

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