Tuesday, January 28, 2014

iPower fun

When I found out our moms group was cancelled for today, I knew we had to get out for a little while to do something and burn off energy today (didn't realize at the time they were going to do kids fitness instead, how awesome!) We rounded up our friends Keira and Caden for some fun at iPower, one of those places on my local mommy "bucket list". You moms all know you have them, lists of fun things you'd like to do with your kid someday but the time is never quite right. Pardon my subpar pictures as I walked around the gym at the end of the 90 minute "mini camp".

Troy in the massive foam pit. When I walked up they were playing "baseball" with a foam bat and foam cubes.

Falling into the pit over and over and over...

There were stories and coloring pages too.

Here's Troy tackling the big trampoline on his own! Bounce away boy!

We may try to do this once a month on our off week from mom's group. Let me know if you want to join us next time!!

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