Monday, January 20, 2014

My boy :)

I love my boy. No doubt about that. He's a bright, energetic, inquisitive little guy who keeps my days interesting and gives me a fresh perspective on the world around me. His imagination is out of this world.

And in the fairness of having what I consider to be an "honest" blog that doesn't paint a picture of perfection and documents all our kids' ages and stages, I want to say just a few words to document this time in my boy's life. We've heard the word "stage" and "it'll pass" many times in the last few months, and while I have faith and confidence it will, as so many parents who have gone before us assure me, it certainly doesn't feel like its passing by quickly. And while I don't want to wish the days away with my kids, this is the first stage I've been eager to come out the other side on.

I could list 100 reasons why my boy is having a hard time these days but in reality, I have no idea why. Might it be tied in to his new role in the family, perhaps. Or might it just be the age he's at and the personality he has. Regardless, we're having some trying days around here. He's not listening the best, resisting potty training more than ever and just in general making things a little more difficult day-to-day.

Thanks for continuing to support us and pray us through this season. Thanks for assuring us that it'll be over soon. And thanks for continuing to love on us and hang out with us :) We love you all!

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