Saturday, January 25, 2014

National Vineyard Conference

This week we had the opportunity to host leaders and pastors from Vineyard all over the country for a National Vineyard Conference. It lasted several days and while I wasn't able to make the whole thing, the sessions I attended were absolutely great! Bonus, Alicia was back up from St Louis to participate in the conference so I got more time with her!

Cass was in there with me the whole time and she did great (aside from fighting sleep like a crazy person). It was actually a bit reminiscent of the time Alicia and I went to a women's conference at her church in St Louis when Troy was just three months old as well! We always tell people to go into these conference expectant, expecting big things of God, and it wasn't until somebody used that word to describe Cass during one of the worship times that I realized that sums her up. Those big bright eyes are ALWAYS taking everything in and its just like she's saying, "Okay! What's next? What wonderful thing will we do now!?" So, Miss Cassidy, I pray that you are always expectant of what God will do in your life, and that you'll always look forward to your day with such enthusiasm!

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