Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Team Dinner

On Sunday, we had the pleasure of having the communication team, my co-workers, over for dinner, along with their spouses and children, if applicable :) We had a great time at our post-holiday gathering. Dinner was delish and I learned a new card game that was tons of fun - nerts!

These kids all spend lots of time together in the daycare room. All boys, and all played together so wonderfully! It was lots of fun to see them together since we usually just drop off and don't stay to watch them play or anything :)

On the menu was ground beef tacos, crock pot chicken tacos, skinny mexican rice, and unfried refried beans (except made on the stove top since my crock pot was busy working!) It was the perfect meal for a large group get-together since everyone brought sides/toppings.

Time to play nerts...
The game is played in teams of two and Ethan and I (with Cassidy's help) were the victors! We'll have to play this at the next family get together :)

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