Thursday, January 9, 2014

Troy's First Swim Lesson

A fish from the get-go, I've been looking forward to Troy taking swim lessons for quite some time. We did one round of parent-child lessons when Troy was an infant, but I've been working with him on my own since then. However, now he's old enough to go into big kid lessons without me! He was pretty excited, and I was excited for him too :)

First we had to wait in the balcony for his teacher to come get him. The aquatics director gave us parents a nice talking-to about staying in one of the two parent viewing areas, and not on the pool deck where we could distract the kids. As soon as they called Troy's name he ran up to the kind teacher waiting for him, grabbed her hand and didn't look back!
(Insert pause where Mike makes fun of me.) I had no idea this would be one of those "can't believe how big my kid is" moments, but when I saw Troy marching down on the pool deck listening to the instructor, I definitely had an "awww" moment. Its the first time we've done any lesson or class like this.

He practiced front float and back float at his first lesson. The instructor was really great at keeping the four kids in her class organized. I was very pleased! They also played with diving sticks/rings at the end.

Troy had a great time. The first thing he told me when he came walking out of the lesson was "Mommy, let's go in and PLAY now" and the second thing he said was "they didn't teach me how to jump in" (since that's his favorite water thing to do). But he's excited to go back and we'll be going twice a week, for at least the next month, and likely beyond as long as its working out well. Way to go, Troy!

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