Tuesday, May 20, 2014

End of year small group fun

We wrapped up our second year in our small group we've been attending (in Mahomet, conveniently :) this past weekend. We had a fantastic year and Mike barely even had any travel conflicts with our schedule this year. We don't go out on a lot of dates but our Sunday small group nights pretty much felt like dates to me as we started leaving Cassidy home with the sitter earlier this spring and we had the drive to and from Mahomet just for us (not to mention hanging out with some pretty awesome people during the actual get together). So thankful for each of the people in our group!

Troy was excited because he got to come with to our end of year celebration. There was all kinds of fun for him there, but the two things that stood out were visiting the horse and climbing in the real treehouse. He had such a great time running around outside chasing cats and dogs (literally) and was VERY tired the next day.

Multiple visits were made to see the horse :)

Waving to us (and the rest of the group) from the treehouse. "Hey guys! Hey guys! Look over here! Guys!" (That's one of his fav expressions these days.)

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