Tuesday, June 10, 2014

St Louis Trip: Sunday Family Day

Mike didn't have any work obligations until his flight later in the day, so Sunday was for family fun! After an amazing breakfast (seriously, stay at this Hilton if you're ever in St Louis) we headed down to the pool for a morning dip. Troy couldn't wait to swim in the "deep, deep pool" with us. Cassidy was pretty happy too :)

Afterwards it was time to get ready for the zoo! When we went last year, it was 90+ degrees, I was 6 months pregnant, and we saw exactly three animals (no exaggerating). St Louis Zoo is huge (and FREE) and the weather was just perfect for a zoo, not too hot but nice and sunny out this year. We walked in and this parrot stared down Troy :)

Troy thought this snake was real. Until he realized it was not. Even when he thought it was real, he walked right up to it. No.fear.ever.

Another really cool area was the butterfly dome. I love these things! The butterflies don't really land on you they kind of just swarm you. And you're not supposed to touch them. We did tell Troy to put out his hands though in case one of them *wanted* to land on him :)

Cass was due for a nursing break so we girls relaxed while the boys continued to walk around a bit. I had to make sure Cass was all happy and content because the next thing up was...

My favorite part of the day! Last year I took Troy in to touch the sting rays and sharks. It's one of the main draws here, you have to buy tickets, wait in a line, etc. Let the suspense build! Well he obviously remembered because he asked about it repeatedly while we walked through the zoo. We just had to do it again. We decided Mike would stay with Cass while I took Troy in. A mini mother-son date! Another reminder that I need to focus on spending time just with him, as I so enjoyed our time together :)

Below, Troy is touching a shark!

We're both touching a sting ray that's swimming by.

We stayed in there a really, really long time. Eventually I took a photo of us to capture the moment. We were both so happy, enjoying the time together and getting splashed by the rays!

On the way out, I stopped some locals to snap a photo of us. Lesson 1, don't tell 3 yr old he's leaving the zoo and THEN take his picture. Lesson 2, don't stand my infant daughter in front of a fountain and expect her to look away. A classic photo right here folks!

After the zoo, we had a bite to eat and took Mike to the airport. On the way home, Troy stayed awake (the whole time) and we talked. About the trip, about the things we did, about where Daddy was going, etc. Troy loves to have us "talk about it" in other words tell a story. So he asked me to "talk about" Daddy flying on the airplane. I cooked up every detail I could possibly imagine from walking through security to take off to snacks :) 

It was obvious in our convo that Troy had a blast. And even though I think we were all a bit tired after restless sleep in the hotel room and such, it was SO worth it to make memories together as a family. I love you, Mike, Troy and Cass and I love our adventures together! Feeling so blessed.

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