Sunday, August 31, 2014

fashion statement

Remember that time my daughter had a blow out in the church nursery and they went to look for a new set of bottoms and pulled out her big brother's size 5 boys shorts to put on her? Remember that time I didn't change her out of them for like five hours? Oh yea...

Happy 6th Anniversary

We were blessed to celebrate our SIXTH anniversary this weekend! Mike's Facebook status sums it up well:

6 years of marriage, 5 years of home ownership, 2 kids, and 1 wedding ring tattoo! Happy Anniversary to the (obviously) most patient and forgiving woman in the world. Love you Amy!!!!!!

Gramma and Grampa kindly offered to come down for the night so that Mike and I could have a date night without worrying about a sitter. The kids LOVED their time with their grandparents, and Mike and I much appreciated the extra hands and good company :) Thanks, Gramma and Grampa!

Gramma introducing Cassidy to the "Gramma books" AKA Richard Scarry books that Troy has nicknamed "Gramma book"

And Troy introducing Gramma and Grampa to his frogs. My mom surprised me and happily held the little creatures :) Way to be awesome, Gramma!

After awhile we headed out. In search of a good margarita for me to go with our meal, we ended up at Dos Reales. Dos was a popular favorite of ours in the early dating days, and I'm pretty certain we were there minimum weekly during that first year. We even celebrated our fourth anniversary there to keep the Dos tradition alive. This may just be our new anniversary spot!

After Dos, we headed out to Alto Vineyards. After tasting a couple of their wines, we drove back to town and ended up at Jarlings Custard Cup to split a dessert. It's been "low carb August" around here (blog post coming) so neither of us have had anything sweet like that in at least a month. It was great! After that we headed to my friend and former co-worker Sco's art show in downtown Champaign and then wandered around for a bit before finally heading home.

Below, a pic before heading out. My grin shows how excited I am to 1) be going out with my hubby, 2) to enjoy a meal I don't have to cook, 3) along with an adult drink and 4) did I mention going out with my hubby?! Very thankful for this man and another great year of marriage :)

We rounded out the anniversary weekend by watching our entire wedding video the next day. It was a little surreal to watch that with our two beautiful children in the room with us, especially the part where Ben (the pastor who married us) prays over our future children in the years to come. We had fun watching all the little details and reliving the day :)

Gooooooo Illini!

The perfect way to start our anniversary was to have fun together as a fam. We all got into our orange and blue and headed over to the Illini Streetfest before the first game of the year! College football is a BIG deal in our house, and the fact that we live in the town of my alma mater makes it pretty fun as well :) We started going to these Streefests before the game last year and they're perfect for us... band, football players (or "teamers" as Troy has been calling them), free food and PLENTY of fun!

Waiting for the band and the team to arrive. I have the cutest orange and blue kids around!

So much excitement!

Cass loved her first true football experience (can't really count this one from last year which she entirely slept through).

Family photo in the giant helmet! Love these three!

There were three inflatables I think, including a giant inflatable maze. Troy has never done one of these before, mostly because the climbing part looks a bit more challenging than the large slides. We let him try it though and unsurprisingly, he owned it. Like three times!

Letting him try on the football gear. He looks awfully comfortable in this get up!

On the way out someone at the County Market tent offered us bratwursts. Troy happily enjoyed his 9am brat, and of course, he chose to make it low carb by ditching the bun :)

The Illini managed to pull in a win to start the season a few hours later, giving us a good start to the year. The Trojans on the other hand, well there's always next week!

Dress up

I was going through our box of wedding stuff in preparation for our anniversary this weekend and came across this tiara I wore. I let Cassidy try it on and then back in the box it went... until another couple years when I do one of these photo shoots with her and my wedding gear :)


As if this girl could melt me into a giant puddle of mommy any more than she already has... she now says, "mama" for me :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yes another post about frogs

I know you're probably beyond tired of reading about frogs, but I'm making another post about them today. See, I've been looking back at my blog in recent months and realizing I'm having a hard time capturing Troy and his personality these days, just how funny and bright and fun-loving he is. This frog experience perfectly sums it up! So in the interest of documenting this stage in his life, I bring you another frog post...

He went out first thing this morning to check on them. Clarification: we are leaving these frogs free where we found the original frog (under the rain gutter) every night. They're actually CHOOSING to stick around and we're not cooping them up overnight or throughout the day or anything.

We put three in there last night and only two were there this morning, though, so we had one fly the coop.

Later in the morning, it was a frog puppet show for Cass. Troy has them talk to each other while she watches from the inside. I have had HOURS of peace this week at my house while Troy has been playing with these guys and now frogs are giving me double peace with both my kids interested. #mommywin

Hard to see, but... Troy was outside tonight (notice a third change of clothes because everytime he's out there he gets filthy wet and dirty) and our neighbor, who is also 3 years old, came out to say hi. You can't see it here but I listened in. She put her hands on her hips and said, "are those frogs REAL?!?!" and they proceeded to have a convo. Later her older bro came out and they both touched them.
Right before Mike got home, we found a third frog. Shortly after he came home, the frog disappeared again. And we were back to 2...

Just another day at the Cunninghams!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


After two days of no frog, I thought he had moved on. But when Troy headed outside to check after breakfast today, look who had turned up :)

Naturally he spent lots of time outside today. Here he is kicking off his afternoon with frog.

And then things got interesting. We were talking to our next door neighbor and she mentioned how she'd rescued at least 8 frogs this week out of her egress window (the window that goes to the basement). I told her that if she found any others to send 'em our way and Troy would be thrilled. Well she marched right downstairs and proudly returned with 6 more moments later! Troy.Was.Thrilled.

I can't even describe the levels of laughs I had today watching my three year old attempt to monitor and play with seven frogs.

Pretty sure it was a few too many for him. He happily let them "free" after a little while and while a few hopped away, three hung around. Three was much more manageable. Here's a clip of him setting them free. Highlights include "I'll set you free!", "Now you can all be free!" and "They love each other!"

He was out there for hours. I *may* have locked the screen door so he couldn't come in without me monitoring the frog situation. I didn't want any of those little dudes hopping around my house! Below, just a boy with a box o' frogs.
I swear he's not kissing it.

Last (?) Pool Trip of Summer

A late August heat wave has hit this week so back to the pool we went! As we walked in, I told Troy this may be the last visit of the season since it is closing in the next week. He lived it up in case it was!

Of course I had to document our visit with a few photos :)

Hanging out at the pool with these two smilies has made for my happiest summer ever. A combo of a lot of things I'm sure, but the obvious ones are 1) this was the first summer since I went down to working just a couple mornings a week, leaving lots of time for things like pool trips, 2) Troy has been a complete blast and has more independence and courage than ever before and 3) Cass is here. 'Nuf said :)

Troy was off on the waterslide by this point. So photo shoot for Cassidy in the pool!

She's going to be a little swimmer just like her big bro. It was so fun to watch her get more and more comfortable as summer went on! She "jumps" in when you sit her on the side of the pool, climbs out (with a little help of course), willingly puts her face in, kicks hard, floats on her back (with help) and is starting to blow bubbles! Yay Cass!

"What does the cow say?"

I get this text from daycare yesterday that they held up a cow and Cassidy said, "moo" and they pointed to a cat and she said "cat". The girl won't even say mama so I'm shocked and excited all at once. Sure enough, when I picked her up at daycare, she did it the first time.

Fast forward to home later after her nap, once Troy was picked up from preschool. We tried again. I'll let you watch a few takes of me trying and you can see why the girl has yet to peep a word when we're at home. Highlights include Troy tickling her, Troy crying for attention when he realizes he doesn't have mine, Troy saying, "she doesn't know how", well, you get the picture :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

bursting with love

I woke up REALLY tired this morning. A late night at church for all of us and I thought we'd be sleeping in, nope. Coming off a rough night with Cass, and I was NOT ready to start the day with these guys at 6:15.

However, when Cass and I went in to say good morning to pouty Troy (who was also not ready to start the day apparently) he lit up when he saw I had Cass with me. They started playing on the floor together and Troy told me, "take a picture of us mommy!" And I happily obliged. Not just because my kids are cute, but because that was a darn good moment in time to freeze. Even when I'm tired, even when I'm not ready for the day, my heart just bursts with love for these two!!!

The Adventures of Frog: Day 4

Another day, another set of adventures. It was HOT out but as soon as Troy got home from preschool he had to "let the frog go swimming". Frog was waiting, in his "frog house" AKA the gutter alongside our garage, just where we left him.

Once again, he actually seemed to enjoy his time with Troy, casually sitting on the side of his bucket instead of running for his little frog life.

The heat index was up to 105 I heard. Troy kept himself cool :)

Water + dirt + worms + sand + frog = one very dirty and happy boy

Then Frog got a playdate with Worm. Troy put them together and said, "these are my creatures Mommy!" Sadly we put them back at the Frog House together and when we checked on them later, worm was no longer alive and being devoured by ants. Now that's education!

Troy's first homework assignment

Troy was sent home with a family info sheet to complete with us this week. Here are his answers :)

I love my family because: "we do things right together sometimes."

There are four people in my family. I have one sister. I am the oldest.

For fun, my family likes to go to: "fun places like hotels and church."

We work together on: "so we can help Daddy."

One of our family rules is: "stay close to a daddy or a mommy or a teacher."

In his second week now, he's really settling in great. The teacher said he's doing "wonderfully" (in her words) yesterday. I had the chance to drop him off for the first time and he eagerly walks into the room without looking back :) He has learned his teachers names well. I'm so proud of my big boy!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My God is So Big: Reprise

For weeks Troy has been saying "let me tell you a story." Well today he came home from church and on several occassions said "let me sing you a song." (Shout out to our awesome Kingdom Kids worship crew!) He sang all the way from our house to the gospel and jazz fest we went to tonight to see friends of ours play. When we parked, I had to video a snippet of his musical talent :)

And caterpillars!
And TVs who work!
And God's so big! x4
And my life is so big!
God's so big!

The Adventures of Frog: Day 3

"Mom, I want to show Frog my bat mobile!" says Troy, running out of the house before church. As I got Cassidy ready and headed outside, I found this happy boy. And this foolish frog that continues to call our yard home.

"Mom, he REALLY likes boat rides!" says Troy from his pool, while swimming with the frog.

A little break poolside. Not sure if Frog was exhausted from all that swimming (no joke, he swam like crazy) or if he actually tolerates Troy's company :) Probably the first option.

Yep. I shocked my husband today and let my daughter sit in a pool with frog. Pretty sure whatever germs that little guy put in our pool pale in comparison to our public pool. Just keepin' it real.


Here is Troy posing for a picture with Corny, the Sweet Corn Fest mascot. Troy took a nap prior to the fest and he was GRUMPY for the majority of our short visit. When we passed Corny on the way out, I jokingly said, "look Troy, go take a picture with him!" expecting a grumbly reply. And he said, "I DO want to take a picture." And this is the "smile" we got. Ah well. Corny's rather corny smile made up for Troy's lack thereof.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

troy's pet frog

Troy found his second frog of the week in our yard on Friday. That little frog must have signed himself up for the vacation adventure package or something when he picked our yard to hang out in, because every time Troy returned him to the "frog house" (AKA a spot under the gutter of our garage), and returned to play with him later, that little frog was still hanging around.

He must actually enjoy the giant 3 year old toting him around outside for hours on end!

He went for rides in the trunk of Troy's red car...

Cassidy wanted to go out and play with them too!

He met the bigger giant in the evening...

And he swam some laps in his very own little pool.

Troy keeps asking to go outside and play with him, and more than 24 hours later, the little guy is still out there. Here's a short glimpse of what it looks like to play with a frog when you're three :)

Who knows how long this little guy will be hanging around. Rumor is he has already made Mike and I both shriek like small children (on separate occasions) for various reasons too. And thankfully he hasn't yet made it into my house for any reason! We'll see what adventures are in store for him in the days to come.

play time with elly and mads

We had some fun playing with our friends Elly and Madelynn one morning this week. As the babies played together, I had a flashback to our first babies playing together when they were little. Right now it seems like there's a big age difference between these two baby girls, but they're actually closer in age than Troy and Madelynn (about six months apart), and I'm sure in a year it'll seem like they're pretty much the same age :)

Below, Elly checking out Cassidy and Cassidy staring at me and my iPhone. Yes, second babies play with matchbox cars instead of age-appropriate and mind-stimulating baby toys. Cars are good for the developing mind, too!

The kids really wanted to play outside in the rain and they have a perfectly sized fenced in patio for a couple of 3 and 4 year olds to play together. They were SO happy out there for a looong time (in preschooler time that is).

fake prank

There's my husband, holding a sharpie next to our sleeping child, like a young frat boy pranking someone who has passed out....

Okay, so he didn't ACTUALLY write on Troy, even though Troy WAS passed out on the floor next to him. I left for the evening and when I came home Troy had crashed next to Daddy as they hung out together. It made for a funny picture like he was GOING to do it though :)