Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Trip with Friends: Beach at Clinton Lake

Last week, we were *supposed* to be at the beach but cooler than normal temps had us coming up with alternate plans. I was excited when the forecast perked up for this week and our friends were free again to head out to the beach at Clinton Lake with us! It was a perfect day for this and Troy absolutely loved this new experience of playing at the beach (his first time at a lake/beach of any kind!)

For any friends who don't know about this, it's about 40 minutes from Champaign-Urbana at Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. There's camping, a marina (lots of boats zooming by!), a restaurant (never been) and plenty of sunshine and hiking trails. Back in the dating days, Mike and I used to come out here with Bear and a cooler of food and grill and hike. A fun place! Oh and the beach fees are $2 per person (babies free). For your own sanity, bring cash to keep things easy :)

Troy did his usual "I'm excited" and "I love when we do fun things" conversing on our drive out there, but when we got there, oh the joy! This boy was PUMPED. I could hardly keep him still to get sunscreen on him (evidenced by his first spotty sunburn today, mama didn't do a great job it seems). 

This is me telling him I was taking a picture to send to Daddy to show we were there. That smile :)

He got right down to business while I got Cass and I ready.

Water time! So much fun to splash and dig, and with grown-ups of course, swim where it was a little deeper.

Cass was digging it too .

Clearly she was digging it, as I was trying to get her to take a nap and this is what she was smiling back at me. She bought herself some more time :)

Troy swimming with his buddies and some borrowed goggles :)

As expected, it was a very quiet drive home as both kids snoozed. And then I had one of my Mommy hanging out in the garage experiences while they both kept sleeping in the car. And when Troy finally woke up we managed to get in the house and while I was asking him what we should have for snack, this happened :) Another nearly hour of a nap!

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