Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day Trip with Friends: Decatur Museum and Zoo

With summer drawing to a close all too quickly, my friend Holly invited me and the kids to venture over to Decatur for the day to check out the children's museum there. We haven't been to this museum since Troy was 1 so I happily agreed!

This was the first thing the kids flocked to. I just love these grocery store exhibits. I love them even more when my son very seriously steps into his role as cashier and checks out all the shoppers :) That's all he did in this exhibit today, no shopping for Troy :)

15 minutes later...

Another favorite of the day, the two story climbing structure. Troy climbed all the way up to the top and back at least twice today.

Busy at work in the water play area.

The kids were super cute in putting on a puppet show for us. Did I mention what a nice time we had at the museum!? We just kind of followed the kids around the not-so-crowded museum and chatted :)

Cass was her usual happy self! She was a very happy girl all day!

Her happiest moments may have been when I put her down in the toddler play area and she got to play with things at her level, like this adorable garden. What was funny was that all three of the bigger kids came into this area, too, and found tons of things to play with. Even though it was the "baby area", our kids didn't mind at all!

After we successfully navigated the two story museum, we headed over to a place called "Sol" recommended to Holly. We probably waited about 15 minutes too long for lunch as Troy was pretty "melty" on the way over there, but I didn't blame him. He had played HARD all morning. As soon as the food started arriving, he was good to go!

Funny story: we were packing up from our very successful lunch (very successful lunch with five kids means that everyone ate food, even if some of it was picked up off the floor, not naming any names Troy, babies were quiet and we moms even managed to get in something resembling a conversation. Like I said, VERY successful, lol). Anyways, I think I said, "oh I should have had our server take our photo" and she must have heard me so she walked around the corner and insisted. But then she started lining the kids up on a nearby wall and called us over too. It was a little more than awkward, but whatev. Troy is hiding behind me in this photo.

We knew that it was a free Thursday at the Scovill Zoo, my family's personal favorite when it comes to small town zoos but we weren't sure if our little ones would have enough energy to give it a go. We decided to head over after lunch!

Troy says, "Mommy, I'm as tall as a penguin!"

The gators were a huge hit, as always, for Troy.

All the kids enjoyed turtle watching. These were the G-rated turtles, as there were some not-so-G-rated turtles down at the other end of the exhibit.

We had to go for a spin on the best small town zoo train there is. So fun!

Cute story: We were in our last exhibit, the "creature house" as Troy called it. Click back to when we walked up to the zoo and threw a penny in the fountain, each child made a wish. Troy's wish was for a dragon (what a shock, not). So we're in the creature house later and I'm reading off the names of the creatures to Keira, and we come upon a bearded dragon. She genuinely and excitedly exclaimed, "TROY! TROY! Your wish came true, its a dragon!!" It was so sweet.

The day ended with total silence in my car on the way back to C-U as my children snoozed and I listened to country music while rolling through the cornfields. A fantastic day and a great end of summer "field trip!"

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