Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exploring the Grass

For the majority of spring and summer, my life at some point in the day has consisted of heading out to the backyard, often putting a blanket down in the grass, and letting my daughter play with a baby toy while her brother does his thing (plays in the sandpit, digs for bugs, whatever).

Today I didn't even bring a blanket outside with us. There is no containing this girl! So I just followed her around the yard while she crawled, letting her explore (and making sure she didn't put anything too awful in her mouth).

First up, dinosaur water gun! "I've been trying to get my hands on this thing for months, Mom!"

"So, really, what IS this green stuff?!"

Taking off quickly towards big bro to see what he's up to. Those ruffly tutu pants, ohmygosh.

Mission accomplished! A VERY brief visit to the sandpit for this girl. Redirection...

Here's an incredibly uneventful video. The most exciting thing is a wave. But she's oh so cute and changing so much these days so I must post it!

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