Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Preschool!

How is it possible that we're now in the season of life that is (to an extent of course) driven by things like the start of summer break, teacher institute days, morning start times and more.... we have a child in (pre)school! Troy was excited to start at his new preschool today. He'll be attending a "half day" preschool from 7:30-12:30 two days a week. Mike will drop him off in the mornings and I'll pick him up after he eats lunch. A whole new rhythm for us around here!

"THE" first day of school pic. Funny, I was trying to fit "3" somewhere on the sign so I'd remember this was three year old preschool and I just opted for the date instead. Then I looked at this photo and saw the 3 prominently on his shirt. Haha!

Showing off his Hot Wheels backpack :)

Getting a little goofy with mom and all her photos...

Knowing that I tend to be the picture taker in the fam, I asked for a photo or two at drop off and Mike happily obliged! This was messaged to me shortly after :) Happy boy in the classroom, ready to tackle new experiences with new people!

When I picked him up, he talked nonstop about the FOOD, all the food. (In reality, its a snack and lunch that they're feeding him.) Finally I got some other details including digging for dino bones at the playground, reading THREE new books (and emphasizing that they were new books and he really, really likes new books) and that he couldn't wear his backpack while in the classroom (I explained its for going to and from school, not wearing AT school).

I brought him home and he and Cass played for over a half hour. Up until now, these two have been in daycare together and I think they missed each other a little bit today!

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