Thursday, August 28, 2014


After two days of no frog, I thought he had moved on. But when Troy headed outside to check after breakfast today, look who had turned up :)

Naturally he spent lots of time outside today. Here he is kicking off his afternoon with frog.

And then things got interesting. We were talking to our next door neighbor and she mentioned how she'd rescued at least 8 frogs this week out of her egress window (the window that goes to the basement). I told her that if she found any others to send 'em our way and Troy would be thrilled. Well she marched right downstairs and proudly returned with 6 more moments later! Troy.Was.Thrilled.

I can't even describe the levels of laughs I had today watching my three year old attempt to monitor and play with seven frogs.

Pretty sure it was a few too many for him. He happily let them "free" after a little while and while a few hopped away, three hung around. Three was much more manageable. Here's a clip of him setting them free. Highlights include "I'll set you free!", "Now you can all be free!" and "They love each other!"

He was out there for hours. I *may* have locked the screen door so he couldn't come in without me monitoring the frog situation. I didn't want any of those little dudes hopping around my house! Below, just a boy with a box o' frogs.
I swear he's not kissing it.

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