Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gooooooo Illini!

The perfect way to start our anniversary was to have fun together as a fam. We all got into our orange and blue and headed over to the Illini Streetfest before the first game of the year! College football is a BIG deal in our house, and the fact that we live in the town of my alma mater makes it pretty fun as well :) We started going to these Streefests before the game last year and they're perfect for us... band, football players (or "teamers" as Troy has been calling them), free food and PLENTY of fun!

Waiting for the band and the team to arrive. I have the cutest orange and blue kids around!

So much excitement!

Cass loved her first true football experience (can't really count this one from last year which she entirely slept through).

Family photo in the giant helmet! Love these three!

There were three inflatables I think, including a giant inflatable maze. Troy has never done one of these before, mostly because the climbing part looks a bit more challenging than the large slides. We let him try it though and unsurprisingly, he owned it. Like three times!

Letting him try on the football gear. He looks awfully comfortable in this get up!

On the way out someone at the County Market tent offered us bratwursts. Troy happily enjoyed his 9am brat, and of course, he chose to make it low carb by ditching the bun :)

The Illini managed to pull in a win to start the season a few hours later, giving us a good start to the year. The Trojans on the other hand, well there's always next week!

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