Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 4th to Liam!

We had the honor of celebrating another year for Troy's best little bud this weekend! These guys haven't played in a few weeks and were, as always, thrilled to run around with each other! This is the best photo I got of the two of them, as I didn't think to snap one until after cake and ice cream. And they were running full speed after that! (Throwback to Liam's 3rd, and 2nd birthdays...) We love you Liam, happy birthday buddy!!

There was a pirate theme, and I'm pretty sure this was Troy's first pinata experience!

Cassidy is getting big enough to where she can play with Clara (Liam's little sis) while the boys run around doing their thing! Would love to see these girlies grow up to be great friends just like their bros are!

We had fun rifling through Troy's goody bag after the party, dressing Mike up like a pirate. Argggh!

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