Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary

We were blessed to celebrate our SIXTH anniversary this weekend! Mike's Facebook status sums it up well:

6 years of marriage, 5 years of home ownership, 2 kids, and 1 wedding ring tattoo! Happy Anniversary to the (obviously) most patient and forgiving woman in the world. Love you Amy!!!!!!

Gramma and Grampa kindly offered to come down for the night so that Mike and I could have a date night without worrying about a sitter. The kids LOVED their time with their grandparents, and Mike and I much appreciated the extra hands and good company :) Thanks, Gramma and Grampa!

Gramma introducing Cassidy to the "Gramma books" AKA Richard Scarry books that Troy has nicknamed "Gramma book"

And Troy introducing Gramma and Grampa to his frogs. My mom surprised me and happily held the little creatures :) Way to be awesome, Gramma!

After awhile we headed out. In search of a good margarita for me to go with our meal, we ended up at Dos Reales. Dos was a popular favorite of ours in the early dating days, and I'm pretty certain we were there minimum weekly during that first year. We even celebrated our fourth anniversary there to keep the Dos tradition alive. This may just be our new anniversary spot!

After Dos, we headed out to Alto Vineyards. After tasting a couple of their wines, we drove back to town and ended up at Jarlings Custard Cup to split a dessert. It's been "low carb August" around here (blog post coming) so neither of us have had anything sweet like that in at least a month. It was great! After that we headed to my friend and former co-worker Sco's art show in downtown Champaign and then wandered around for a bit before finally heading home.

Below, a pic before heading out. My grin shows how excited I am to 1) be going out with my hubby, 2) to enjoy a meal I don't have to cook, 3) along with an adult drink and 4) did I mention going out with my hubby?! Very thankful for this man and another great year of marriage :)

We rounded out the anniversary weekend by watching our entire wedding video the next day. It was a little surreal to watch that with our two beautiful children in the room with us, especially the part where Ben (the pastor who married us) prays over our future children in the years to come. We had fun watching all the little details and reliving the day :)

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