Thursday, August 28, 2014

Last (?) Pool Trip of Summer

A late August heat wave has hit this week so back to the pool we went! As we walked in, I told Troy this may be the last visit of the season since it is closing in the next week. He lived it up in case it was!

Of course I had to document our visit with a few photos :)

Hanging out at the pool with these two smilies has made for my happiest summer ever. A combo of a lot of things I'm sure, but the obvious ones are 1) this was the first summer since I went down to working just a couple mornings a week, leaving lots of time for things like pool trips, 2) Troy has been a complete blast and has more independence and courage than ever before and 3) Cass is here. 'Nuf said :)

Troy was off on the waterslide by this point. So photo shoot for Cassidy in the pool!

She's going to be a little swimmer just like her big bro. It was so fun to watch her get more and more comfortable as summer went on! She "jumps" in when you sit her on the side of the pool, climbs out (with a little help of course), willingly puts her face in, kicks hard, floats on her back (with help) and is starting to blow bubbles! Yay Cass!

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