Thursday, August 21, 2014

Movie Time - Rio 2

We almost missed our chance to cross this off our summer bucket list! Holly gave us the tip earlier this week that there would be another kids movie morning this week so we made plans to go to this last one of the year. Rio 2 was the flick. We hadn't tried a movie theater experience since Big Miracle two summers ago, so my boy was all ready for this experience now :) He did great! Both of the kids did actually! Thanks for the invite Holly!

Not sure what Troy was more excited about - the gigantic screen or the fact I let him have popcorn and lemonade in the morning. Okay, I am sure. Definitely more excited about the snacks. Though when he recapped the movie to Daddy he talked about the screen first :)

Guess this counts as Cassidy's first movie theater experience. She chilled for a little while and spent the rest of the movie in my lap : )

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