Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Adventures of Frog: Day 4

Another day, another set of adventures. It was HOT out but as soon as Troy got home from preschool he had to "let the frog go swimming". Frog was waiting, in his "frog house" AKA the gutter alongside our garage, just where we left him.

Once again, he actually seemed to enjoy his time with Troy, casually sitting on the side of his bucket instead of running for his little frog life.

The heat index was up to 105 I heard. Troy kept himself cool :)

Water + dirt + worms + sand + frog = one very dirty and happy boy

Then Frog got a playdate with Worm. Troy put them together and said, "these are my creatures Mommy!" Sadly we put them back at the Frog House together and when we checked on them later, worm was no longer alive and being devoured by ants. Now that's education!

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