Saturday, August 23, 2014

troy's pet frog

Troy found his second frog of the week in our yard on Friday. That little frog must have signed himself up for the vacation adventure package or something when he picked our yard to hang out in, because every time Troy returned him to the "frog house" (AKA a spot under the gutter of our garage), and returned to play with him later, that little frog was still hanging around.

He must actually enjoy the giant 3 year old toting him around outside for hours on end!

He went for rides in the trunk of Troy's red car...

Cassidy wanted to go out and play with them too!

He met the bigger giant in the evening...

And he swam some laps in his very own little pool.

Troy keeps asking to go outside and play with him, and more than 24 hours later, the little guy is still out there. Here's a short glimpse of what it looks like to play with a frog when you're three :)

Who knows how long this little guy will be hanging around. Rumor is he has already made Mike and I both shriek like small children (on separate occasions) for various reasons too. And thankfully he hasn't yet made it into my house for any reason! We'll see what adventures are in store for him in the days to come.

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