Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Urbana Family Fun

With no plans on a weekend day, we enjoyed moving at a slow pace and not having to be anywhere at any particular time :) We ended up at the library after Cassidy's nap, and I realized my girl was big enough to get down and play now. She was a big fan!

Look at these two!!! When did this happen!?

Then our friends invited us to meet up with them at Meadowbrook Park so we headed over. Daddy does the tire swing a little different than Mommy does, we found out ;)

Troy and Benjamin jumping on the bridge together!

Unfortunately, Troy had a misstep on some playground equipment and planted his forehead right into a wooden platform. Poor guy :( This is his "WHY are you taking my photo right now, Mom" face.

We even did the whole ice pack thing, poor guy :( He's looking a whole lot better a few days later now though!

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