Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to Preschool...

The exciting news around our house is that Troy is preparing to start preschool next week!

This card arrived in the mail from his teachers this weekend. He loved getting mail!

We visited his classroom and met his teachers for his preschool assessment appt. Here's how that conversation went down (as heard by me in the hallway).

Troy, as he is walked into the room: Oooh, look, toys! Can we play?
Troy's teacher: No we're not going to get those out today. We have a little work to do.
Troy: But I want to play with toys.
Troy's teacher: No, its work time right now. This is a work day.
Troy: I don't like work days.

Nice first impression Troy :)

We all went to Target to pick out his backpack. A Hot Wheels backpack was the winner!

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