Friday, August 29, 2014

Yes another post about frogs

I know you're probably beyond tired of reading about frogs, but I'm making another post about them today. See, I've been looking back at my blog in recent months and realizing I'm having a hard time capturing Troy and his personality these days, just how funny and bright and fun-loving he is. This frog experience perfectly sums it up! So in the interest of documenting this stage in his life, I bring you another frog post...

He went out first thing this morning to check on them. Clarification: we are leaving these frogs free where we found the original frog (under the rain gutter) every night. They're actually CHOOSING to stick around and we're not cooping them up overnight or throughout the day or anything.

We put three in there last night and only two were there this morning, though, so we had one fly the coop.

Later in the morning, it was a frog puppet show for Cass. Troy has them talk to each other while she watches from the inside. I have had HOURS of peace this week at my house while Troy has been playing with these guys and now frogs are giving me double peace with both my kids interested. #mommywin

Hard to see, but... Troy was outside tonight (notice a third change of clothes because everytime he's out there he gets filthy wet and dirty) and our neighbor, who is also 3 years old, came out to say hi. You can't see it here but I listened in. She put her hands on her hips and said, "are those frogs REAL?!?!" and they proceeded to have a convo. Later her older bro came out and they both touched them.
Right before Mike got home, we found a third frog. Shortly after he came home, the frog disappeared again. And we were back to 2...

Just another day at the Cunninghams!

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