Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cassidy is 15-ish months old

SO many photos to share of Cassidy, so that's definitely the catalyst for this post :) I'll share a few brief updates before digging into the pics!

Eating: Cass is a great eater. Oftentimes eating close to or more than her big bro eats in a sitting. I think she's in a growth spurt right now. Clothes are getting shorter and her appetite is through the roof! Thankfully she's following her big bro in loving all things veggie and fruit. Sugar snap peas, anyone? She's nursing a few times a day still, and usually once overnight. Some days more than others. Check her out "nursing" her baby below. She was very focused on holding baby right to her chest so I figured that's what she was doing.

Sleeping: Going down for naps and bed great! Working on the transition from two naps to one still. Today was great, she didn't even seem completely wiped when naptime rolled around. Some days she can't make it through lunch without crashing for a nap. Overnights typically bring one wake-up, though last week she slept through THREE nights. That was a nice treat :)

She's an incredibly happy girl. She's fearless. She's super sweet and loving to people (beyond just us). She is happily learning to communicate with us, with words and a few signs. She loves to play with big bro or on her own. She does pretty great adapting to different situations and doesn't show any signs of separation anxiety really. She was playing in the potty one day (Troy left the door open! Gah!) but had pooped in her diaper and was holding a clean diaper in one hand, while sticking the other hand in the potty. She is into EVERYTHING. She gives killer hugs :) I love her!

Her favorite words are hi and bye. She sounds JUST like Troy :)

Also learning how to use utensils :)

This would be Cass taking a selfie herself, lol.

She is also a natural "helper", helping me unload the dishwasher here. She totally gets cleaning up too and cleans toys up when I tell her to.

Kitchen Helper

Troy has always been interested in what I'm doing in the kitchen. He asks a LOT of questions and will sometimes just take off running for the bathroom to wash his hands just so he can get in the mix with me and help me cook. This particular evening we were making a thai chopped salad with cabbage and I gave him a (butter) knife for the first time to help cut things up with me. He LOVED this new responsibility and did a good job, too. Next MasterChef Junior, in training!

Indoor Soccer Arena

Last winter, we REALLY had to make use of our basement as a place to burn off energy and play. This year we haven't been down there as much, mostly because its "show ready" and we aren't playing down there quite as much. But one afternoon during naptime, Troy and I headed down for some soccer drills and had a blast!

These new giant dinos made good goalies :)

Troy Dribbles

Occasionally, I'll pick up the kids after my workout and take them back to the gym (which is typically pretty quiet mid-day) for some running around and basketball. On this particular day, Cassidy was memorized by the people floating above her head on the track and was calling "hi" repeatedly (and loudly) as they walked by.

Troy on the other hand was working on his dribbling. Getting better!

Friday, January 23, 2015

the dog she never had

Bear relocated to her new residence in Chicago about three short weeks after Cassidy made her debut. Even though Bear was never "officially" Cassidy's dog, she certainly enjoys loving on her every chance she gets. And Bear is still VERY tolerant of the snuggles from the kids :) Such sweetness!

Bear thoroughly enjoys the extra meals that come her way from Cassidy!

Zoo Trip with Grampa

We've been lucking out and getting some great weather for winter while on our trips to Chicago this winter! So to continue #yearofthezoo, we headed off to our new favorite spot one afternoon during our visit. This time, Grampa came with the kids and I and we covered a LOT of ground. My health app on my iPhone says we walked 3 miles. Schwoo! No wonder Troy's little legs were so tired!

The ape house may be my favorite place at the zoo. Its likely the largest building there and all the exhibits are really impressive. Like this one where they swing right in front of you.

This guy was just resting his head and staring right back at us. "What are you looking at!?" he says.

The zoo wasn't even that crowded! So when a couple of giant polar bears were right in front of a window Troy got right up there to easily see them.

The best house at the zoo as far as Cassidy is concerned is the giraffe house! She sure does love those guys. And I do too! Grampa happily recounted memories of lifting me up to see the giraffes at Brookfield Zoo after he and Cass talked to them :)

Heading out after a VERY full afternoon. Troy was a trooper and covered all that ground! We saw nearly everything, I think!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little artistry

Thanks to the wonder that are freezer meals, I found myself with no cooking to do as my crockpot was doing all the work one night last week. We were having spaghetti that night so I knew bath time right after dinner would be a must. What better way to spend our last hour before a messy dinner by doing something else messy... PAINT!

Cassidy's first painting experience was great. I gave her finger paints but she badly wanted a brush like her brother. She was so glad when I handed it over to her, she just studied it and figured out how to work it.

Troy is painting/drawing things that sort of actually look like THINGS now instead of just blobs. Here is an elephant/cheetah (according to him) below. Nice work Troy!

New Indoor Playground - Windsor Road Church

The kids and I were on assignment from chambanamamoms.com to check out a new indoor playground in C-U. Truly, I jumped at the opportunity to check out this new space and see how another church was creatively utilizing their space to bless the community. Our neighbors across town have done an incredible job doing just that! Check out their new indoor playground!

It had a racetrack feel to it. Loved the tire climbing structure and giant construction cone.

My daughter enjoys diving head first down the slide. I didn't move from the bottom of that slide much :)

And oh the climbing. My next active and fearless child is stepping it up...

So the playground is great. It's not HUGE by any stretch but the perfect size for my kiddos. And perfect size to take them to meet up with a friend or whatever and still be able to chat (versus constantly dashing over to the crazy merry go round structure to keep my baby out of the way of danger, not naming any names of any other indoor playgrounds :). We spent a solid hour there and they weren't bored. It's open 9-4 M-F... go check it out soon!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Angel Boy

Sweet story. Poor Troy was sick the week and a half preceding Christmas break for preschool so he missed all kinds of things. On Christmas morning, we were opening presents and Troy hurriedly said "Wait, I have something for you guys!" and looked under the tree. We didn't realize at the time that he DID have something for us but it was still at school since he hadn't been there to bring it home.

Fast forward to today, the first time he was at school in over a month. He brought all his Christmas stuff home including this beautiful framed photo of him dressed up as an angel and grinning from ear to ear. He said, "they thought this would make a nice Christmas present for you, Mommy, does it?" I told him of course it did and we put it right up on the mantel :) I love that handsome smile, both in the frame and on the boy holding up the frame, too!

Like Father, Like Son (2015 Edition)

This is the scene I returned to after putting Cass to bed. (Click here for the 2011 edition of "like father, like son".)

Troy the Ninja

Troy has been practicing his ninja moves lately. I've been practicing using the slo mo and time lapse features on my phone :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This is the face of a second child

Add that to the list of things that would not have flown with Troy. Cassidy, on the other hand, makes sitting IN the train table to play a daily occurrence.

Girl Gone Wild

Oh, Lord help us. Cassidy was doing this with her dress at the library this morning and then this afternoon was walking around the house doing it too. Shirt down, girl, keep the shirt down. The best part of the library was when a 5 yr old girl who had taken to playing with Cass kept putting it down for her to correct her behavior :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

January Progress

I was debating doing another weight loss related post but much like the other milestones in our lives, I thought I might as well keep documenting this. And I've had like three nudges today to do it so here it is.

As of this week...

  • I weigh less than my driver's license says (that was a beyond a little fib for a loooong time) 
  • My BMI is officially out of the "overweight" category (for WHATEVER that is worth)
  • I have lost a total of 40 pounds in the last twelve months, also getting me past the goal I set for myself to hit by (wait for it) this coming summer
  • I realized it took me three months to lose the first ten, another three months to lose the next ten, six weeks for the next ten (holla for low carb!) and three months (including the holidays) for the most recent ten. 
  • I'm at a weight I haven't been at since at least 2008.
  • I feel great, have tons of energy and am already seeing plenty of fruit from my workouts several times a week. Not so much on the scale, just strength and endurance wise. YAY!
  • I love gym dates with my hubby. A date is a date is a date. Bonus is that our kids are tired when we pick 'em up. 
I took a progress pic in my workout gear this morning but I'm not quite sure I'm brave enough to post it yet. Maybe another couple months down the road when I take another and I'm RIPPED and can compare them :) We'll see!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SNOW bunnies!

Troy has been SO excited to play in the snow this year. It's like he forgot that snow and cold go hand in hand and just loves the snow aspect. Almost exactly a year following last year's mega blizzard, we got just enough snow to enjoy playing in this week! And this year Cass got to join in the snow fun too!

Pretty much a perfect snow angel!

We got the sled out to play and Troy asked where the big grassy hills were. I told him we weren't going to do that today (he's never been sledding yet) and he said he didn't want the sled then. I knew as soon as he saw Cass on it he'd change his mind though!

There were TONS of bunny tracks in our yard. Troy followed them around to see if he could find the bunnies. We DID stumble across some bunny poop but no bunnies :)

Afterwards it was time to warm up with hot chocolate. Troy said it was the greatest ever!

I let Cass play with the drips in my mug. She made sure she got all she could!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Something new (to her) - Cassidy tries gymnastics

One thing I didn't even think of when we joined the Y is that I'd have opportunities to do things one on one with my kids more without making special arrangements with a sitter or something. Just drop one kid off in childcare and take the other one rock climbing, swimming, or bounce around the gym. Very excited for this aspect too! Today Cassidy and I had our first Y "date" and checked out the gymnastics area. She was eager to explore and try anything I'd let her, what a shock :)

Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that pigtails, leotards and tutu skirts are part of my life now :)