Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Trip to the Sledding Hill

We've played with a sled in the yard before but Troy had not yet visited a sledding hill. With a fair amount of snow coming down today, we took some time this afternoon to head out to a local sledding hill. I had actually gone sledding on this hill at the U of I campus once before in college, with "borrowed" cafeteria trays late at night...I vividly remember getting completely clobbered at the bottom of the hill by some guy flying down on a tray. My knee hurt for days...and that is my last memory of sledding folks!

Troy really wanted to walk up the hill by himself and pull his sled. I insisted on walking up at least the first time to make sure he was sitting right but other than that (and one "missing boot" rescue) I hung out at the bottom and watched him go up and down...and up and down...over and over.

This was his first run. Oh the glee. 

He only liked it a little :) :)

This is me peacefully enjoying a winter-y afternoon at the bottom of the hill. Next time I'm bringing coffee or hot chocolate for myself!

And one of his later runs. I didn't realize until he went flying past me that he was on his belly. Just another activity my kid enjoys that I need to enjoy with him instead of focusing on the fact he's doing something like flying down a hill face first, LOL.

We came home to a peaceful house where Daddy was watching The Office while Cass had another late-afternoon crash and was snoozing in his lap. She woke up before I could snap a pic but that image will be seared in my memory for years to come! :) 

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