Monday, February 23, 2015

St Louis Trip: Day 3

Sunday was family day for us in St. Louis! We started the day with a breakfast. This hotel (Hilton St Louis Airport) has the BEST breakfast buffet and omelet station around. It's our favorite, hands down. Troy absolutely loves the ginormous fruit buffet and the yogurt station. These guys were having some fun as we finished our coffee and just enjoyed each other. Thankful for moments like these.
Cass just smiles at me with her egg-y grin :)

Afterwards, we got ready for the pool. But for the traditional watching the airplanes at the airport across the way from the elevator area on our floor. We had an awesome view from our room too towards the end of the hallway, so we had a perfect angle to watch the planes coming in for a landing after dark. Me and Troy spent a long time watching and talking one night.

Little Miss Fish got to do lots of tricks in the pool with Daddy. Her face here cracks me up.

Then we checked out and headed over to the St Louis Science Center for some fun. We've been to this place before but Mike had never been. It certainly didn't disappoint. He was especially surprised when he found out it was free!

Ah the dino area. Digging for fossils. And digging, and digging. My kids would and could stay here all day.

Troy and "Big Doug". Doug is the name of his dinosaur he got for his second birthday from Uncle Andy and Auntie Daria. The giant moving and roaring T-Rex at the museum looks exactly like Doug, hence the name "Big Doug". This was little Doug's second trip to the Science Center to see Big Doug. Troy also told me on the way home that he would like a "Big Doug" party for his next birthday. A planner, this one.

Family photo in front of the space capsule!

After bidding farewell to my hubby at the airport, I brought the kids back home. This beautiful sunset was a nice reminder on the (mostly) quiet drive home that I'm never on my own and definitely felt God's presence with me :)

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