Monday, March 23, 2015

17 months update

Another month update for Cassidy! I feel these drawing to a close soon. Perhaps 18 months will be my last update - I made it to 19 with Troy so I guess I could go there too. I digress...

Such personality in this little girl! Here's a few glimpses of my precious daughter.

There are a handful of girls near her age in daycare at church and I heard they've been playing babies a lot. Cassidy has since taken more interest in her baby at home here. Caring for baby, hugging baby, pushing baby in the stroller. It's too precious for words!

Other things she likes playing with are animals, BOOKS (loving to read these days), crayons, watching us do puzzles, the list goes on. She's pretty easy to please. She will play with pretty much anything!

She gets into mischief sometimes.  Case in point the photo below when she scaled the table while I was preoccupied for a few minutes. The look on her face says it all. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing here!

She's learning TONS of new words. Literally every day. And will try to repeat back anything and everything. She WANTS to repeat things back badly actually. She brings me books (where its just an image and a word on each page) and wants to practice it like three times. Each time we do it she masters a new word. It really kind of amazing to watch. And she knows her name now, what!?

Sleeping! Progress! We had three blissful weeks of sleeping through the night. Like a solid 12-13 hours. Now she's cutting canine teeth and I remember those being the worst for Troy too. She's getting up most nights again. We'll get through it and get back to that blissful sleep soon though. It's truly AMAZING to get a full night's sleep again. I can't wait until it returns :) (Below, pictured with "snuggle bear" her #1 buddy for bedtime.) 

She loves helping out at the counter. That ol' stand on the chair trick has proved invaluable. I do think these activity towers are awesome but for $200 I think we'll be sticking with the chair and just hoping for the best. (Below, I gave her a near empty jar of peanut butter and a spoon to "stir" and play with while I cooked.)

Independence. I think that best sums my girl up at this age. She is SO proud to do things independently and wants to do it more and more and more.

Plus she just makes me smile. I have such a blast with her and love her like crazy!

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