Friday, March 13, 2015

"...and we turned out okay."

I'm normally NOT a fan of the statement "well my parents did (insert random and somewhat controversial parenting technique here) and we turned out okay!" But about a week ago I was watching some of my home movies with Troy to make the point that when I was 4 years old, I had a 1 year old baby brother that knocked over a lot of my stuff and made a lot of messes too. In that 15 minutes of video we watched from 1988, I saw both myself and my 15 month old brother standing on kitchen chairs and playing at the sink. And realized we had a LOT of memories standing on kitchen chairs to *help* my mom in the kitchen. I also realized we have an awesome mom who wasn't afraid to let us make messes in the name of good entertainment, like bubbles in the sink :)

Both my kids love to see what's going on when I cook and for Cass that usually means I'm holding her and putting her down when I have to while she begs to be picked up again. I thought I'd try letting her stand on a kitchen chair while we all made cookies together earlier this week. Troy took his usual post on a kitchen stool. What was the result? Everyone turned out okay (ha ha).

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