Friday, March 13, 2015


Troy is learning a whole lot about consequences these days. When you have an almost 4.5 yr old that hits a string of misbehavior its more than just a coincidence - its clearly him testing some limits. Making sure he really gets that he can't get away with this stuff means we have to bring some serious consequences to the table... which, by the way, walking out the delivery of such consequences is wayyyy worse on the parents, IMO.

Below, such a sweet face, hours before the storm hit. "Mom, take my picture! Then show it to me!" I sure do love this kid...

First example.... Troy misbehaves at the Y. Troy is sent to clean up his room as soon as we get home while I cook dinner. Troy decides to lay down and fall asleep instead of cleaning. At 5pm people. Sure enough he came strolling in at 4am, wide awake, the next morning. By the time he was sleeping again, I was wide awake.

Example #2. Troy wakes up the next morning and still hasn't cleaned his room. Acts defiant when told to do so, so he loses TV and iPad for the day (note Daddy is still on his trip at this point). Eventually I find myself standing in Troy's room with my hands on my hips and wondering how we've already arrived at this season. This results in the cleaning of the room promptly. Despite the absence of technology from our day, we proceed to have a really good one. Mike comes home and we have a great afternoon and evening.

Soooooo, why on earth after such a positive day he decided to scratch up all four of his walls when it was bedtime instead of sleeping is beyond me....Consequence for example #3? Cleaning it up himself. Four magic erasers, one trip to Walmart (because we ran out of magic erasers), a couple hours of my time, a couple hours of Mike's, one exasperated four year old and the room is as good as its gonna get.

Consequences are an important lesson. Would you join me in praying my son has officially learned actions have consequences and chooses to remember these lessons in the days to come? You will? Great, thanks :)

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