Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day with Daria

My sis-in-law, Daria, had plans to spend the day with us while we were in town on Saturday. Back in the day, Daria and I spent many days on adventures together, from picking out a puppy (shout out to Bear!) to our first demo derby at the County Fair to a cross country train ride to the Pacific Northwest. Proof in pics below, circa summer 2005. It was about a 40 hour ride, each way, if I remember right.

Fast forward to today and we had an exciting day planned with a start at Costco. My first Costco trip ever! I get why people drive 1.5-2 hrs from C-U to make the trek. It was AMAZING. I don't know what I'd do if we got a Costco here but I do know that many of my future trips to Chicago will involve Costco!

After some more shopping at Aldi and Trader Joe's, we headed back to Andy and Daria's city apartment to drop off the purchases. I had never actually been to their city abode and was excited to check it out!

How awesome they have a "world travels" map on their living room wall, with color-coded pins and all. I love following along with their travels.

Cassidy liked her visit to their home!

After returning back to Gramma and Grampa's to pick up Troy, we headed over to the zoo to continue #yearofthezoo. Since we go so often, and the zoo is so big, I usually ask Troy what his one "must see" animal is and we head to that area first. This trip was the bats. He was also wearing a Batman shirt to "show the bats".

Conveniently by the bats were the giraffes, Auntie Daria and Cassidy's favorites :) Two happy ladies with their giraffes below!

Cass also really loved the sharks and fish exhibits. She'll love her next trip to the aquarium I'm sure!

My boy and his poor scuffed up face :(

The absolute highlight of the trip was the very last thing. We told Troy we had time for one more animal on the way out and he said, "oh good, we can see the lions". I told him the lions were too far away and would have to wait until next time because the zoo was getting ready to close. Then I checked myself about two min later and told him if he could walk quickly we could probably make it. 

So when we showed up, this lion was making it known it was the end of the day and his dinner was imminent! This was SO cool, the video does NOT do it justice! He just kept going and going. 

Of course Troy had to take a photo with the lion on the way out, since he had just wowed us with his incredible roars.

Later, Cassidy recounted the lion's roar for Grampa and Gramma. She does a great roar :) 

Thanks for a fantastic day Daria! Can't wait to do it again!

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