Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Trip to Museum of the Grand Prairie

Best kept secret of Mahomet perhaps? :) Everybody always smiles and laughs a little bit when they talk about Museum of the Grand Prairie in Mahomet and how it can be a little cheesy... when our friends invited us to check it out for ourselves, we were so pleased with this little gem! There was plenty to keep the kids occupied and Troy already has asked if we can go back. Small town museum success!

Below, paddling a canoe.

When we connected with our friends, the little girls held hands to walk around the museum. Sweet Clara even came up to Cassidy to give her a hug and kiss to greet her!

The famed life-size rubber Abe Lincoln was much-anticipated. Cassidy preferred to keep her eyes on him while the rest of the kids uncomfortably smiled for a photo. If there wasn't a large buggy to ride in, I think everyone would keep there distance from ol' Abe!

Stained glass windows with Abe Lincoln in them? Now THAT is something you don't see everywhere!

The kids all loved playing in the wigwam. This is before the party started. They brought in play food and met new friends and spent a LONG time in there. Wigwam win!

When things got crazy in the wigwam, the little girls found a more chill place to play nearby.

One more visit to ol' Abe before we left. Troy asked if he could touch him and this was his reaction :) 'Til next time, Museum of the Grand Prairie! Thanks for the invite, friends! :)