Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's here!

We went from sub zero windchill temps to 60 and sunny in the matter of seven days this year. And now that it's here, we're all so thrilled to be back outside! Welcome, spring!

This is from the first day it was warm enough to really play outside. I let them go out while I gathered our things and Troy found a wooly worm and was showing it to Cassidy when I got outside.

Our first spring trip to our favorite park. The first park trip of the year is ALWAYS exciting because its fun to see how my kids have changed since the last park season ended. My remarks to Mike were "Troy got a whole lot faster" and "Cass is ready to take on the world." In other words, I'm glad I can keep up with these guys!

We've been dreaming of weeknight walks when Mike gets home from work for months. Now that it stays light out and its warmer, they have arrived!

Poor Troy kissed the pavement with his forehead mere moments after I took this photo. His face is STILL banged up nearly a week later.

This is my favorite Cass photo of the week :) Again, I let them outside while I gathered some things and I came out to just see her happily sitting alongside the house taking it all in outdoors.

Cassidy is fine walking on the grass if I plop her on it but for some quirky reason she is hesitant to go from sidewalk to grass. Check her out as she sizes it up. She did this for minutes the other day and I couldn't stop laughing!

Troy has been out playing with trucks, dirt, rocks, you name it. All his favorite things. He is out before dinner....

And sometimes afterwards too. When he doesn't take his jacket off, we know he's going to ask to go out again soon!

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