Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Freezer Meal Assembly

March brought a different pace to freezer meals as we had a somewhat smaller group and due to circumstances beyond our control, ended up doing an evening assembly at my house like the ol' days. It worked so well we're going to do it again in April!

We tried a "click to pull" order at Sams Club this month and placed my entire order (minus the fresh meat, which you have to order through that dept) online. Then I simply checked in when I got there and they got my carts. They didn't even have to ring up item by item, so I was on my way quickly! Bonus, was that my friend Karen joined me for the Sams run since she was in town and curious how we do what we do each month. She was a huge help since I was there with both kids and two large carts! Thanks Karen!

Came home and since we were assembling about an hour later, I just put the food in my "walk out cooler" AKA the ten degree weather. A picture for the books below!

There were six of us assembling ten sets of meals this month. Since it was an evening, we all took the opportunity to bring some snacks and refreshing beverages along for the ride :) Thanks, all!

Our new-to-us "eat in kitchen" came in handy for assembly!

When we were all done, I had three sets of meal to squeeze into my fridge and freezer, one of which was picked up the next day thankfully and the others a day after. My freezer was PACKED! Deep freeze at the new house, maybe!?

Our meal list this month, and our second month utilizing the "survey" method, which works GREAT! If you need any of the recipes not linked let me know. 
Six of us prepared ten sets of meals this month and our preppers/assemblers paid $83 for 10 meals! Pretty consistent to last month. We are actually going to raise the cost of the "purchased" meals to $140 to help drive the cost down for the preppers since its SO much work - one of our new preppers pointed out it saved her $37 to shop/prep/assemble and while she wasn't at ALL complaining it was a wake up to me that we could do ever better :) Plus, the Prep Freeze Cook business now charges $160 for a set of 10 of their meals... and they're still wildly popular. I think it'll be fine for us and we can always change back if not!

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