Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mommy Sick Day

Mommies don't get sick days right? Let me tell ya, I was ready to call in for one last week for the first time in my mommy career. I felt perfectly fine the day before, even had an awesome hour long workout trying pi-yo at the Y for the first time since we joined. I was feeling GOOD (in a "I am hurting like crazy kind of way). Anyways, wake up in the middle of the night and find myself completely sick and throwing up (TMI, sorry).

Thankfully after that moved on, I was able to go back to sleep a little bit. Woke up in the morning and felt like I'd been run over by a truck though. With Daddy on the road until late that evening, it was going to be a day to do whatever it took to get through...

Starting with Cass getting iPad time. Yep. Watch those puppies Cass.

There was a lot of this, unfortunately. She wasn't a fan of Mommy being mostly out of commission.

The best parts of the day were when we were down in the basement and I literally just took out buckets of toys the kids haven't seen recently and dumped 'em out. I was able to kick back and relax while they played, quite well together for the most part.

Even on sick days, there's much cuteness :) Arrrrgh me matey!

I started to feel a little more human by the end of the day. Still down for the count on the couch though. This was my moment where I was too weak/lazy/tired to turn around to see where my 1 yr old was and what she was doing. Check out the top right hand corner of the pic... all was well.

Before Mommy Sick Day even happened, Mike mentioned to me that my blogs and Facebook posts have been a little too "rainbows and unicorns" (my words, not his for the record) lately. In other words, life is looking a little more perfect on the social media world compared to what it actually is in reality. This video of an average evening meltdown (this one, up an extra notch since it was Mommy Sick Day and everyone was a little needy at the end of the day) should help dispel some of that... I recommend turning your volume down if you choose to watch it. 

Of course in the end, we all got through the day. Taking care of Mommy is hard work apparently! While Cass and I were snuggling before bed, she passed out on me. While certainly not my most glamorous shot to date in my mothering career, it was a moment to capture and remember. THIS is the essence of Mommy-hood in all its raw, disheveled beauty :)

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