Monday, March 23, 2015

sibling love

Man, when things are good they are GOOD. Troy has been showing some super loving behavior towards his sis in the last week. One day as he was gathering his things at the Y I overheard the worker tell him "I saw you with your baby sis, and you are a really great big brother!"

This was when we dropped him off one day. Since hardly anyone was there they put Cass straight on the big kids' side. Troy ran off and she just stood there kind of frozen. (Of course I'm still standing there watching this.) Troy returns and gives her a hug and then gets a ball for her and she runs after him. Pretty sure I teared up.

With Troy on spring break, he joined Cassidy for daycare at church today. They must have been exceptionally adorable all morning as I got pics from both women working of the two of them playing together and hanging out. Again... my heart bursts!

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