Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break Visit from Gramma

My mom came down for a visit to watch the kids for a couple days over spring break while Troy was out of school and I was scheduled for some extra hours at work. The kids LOVE getting to stay at the house with Gramma while Mommy goes to work! They were both lounging in their pj's when I left each morning and happy to have some Gramma time! Thanks for coming, Gramma!

We made a visit to the phone store and Troy gave Gramma a tutorial on how to use a tablet on display. He had NEVER seen one of these tablets before (one of the Galaxy ones) yet he "showed" Gramma and I exactly how to use the camera and note pad among other features he navigated to. He has his Daddy's sales genes and a natural ability to manipulate today's electronics!

After the kids were in bed, Mom kept saying "we should do something!" I *think* she was referring to playing a game or watching a movie. I asked if we could work on my cabinets. She happily agreed and jumped in. Again, thanks Mom!

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