Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Great Egg Chase at the Vineyard

We had a great time at this second annual event at church! Unfortunately due to 20 degree morning temps, we had to move inside and it was more of an Easter egg gather than a hunt or chase :) But the organizers did a great job and the kids all had a BALL still.

We started out with donuts for all. I let Cass have her own donut but she didn't really do much other than lick it a little. Troy on the other hand, made quick work of his. 

Then we waited in a not-too-long line to see the Easter Bunny. 

They both kept a safe distance :) 

Next we moved into the Auditorium for some fun and prizes, followed by a dramatic telling of the Easter story for kids. Troy was into it! It's amazing how much he gets it this year. He seems to totally understand what this special holiday means. 

Our friends Rosemary and Anya were with us, and Anya happily shared a chair with Cass for some of the program. 

Then it was Egg Chase time! There were tons of groups all over the church so it wouldn't get too crowded anywhere. 

Troy was on a mission! And happily scored nearly two dozen eggs. Thank you Vineyard, for not putting candy in every single one!

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