Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well child visits for the kids

Troy and Cassidy had check-ups scheduled for the same day. Last year when we did this, Mike kindly took the afternoon off work but this year I was flying solo since they fell during a trip. 

Troy weighed in at 48 pounds and is 43.5 inches tall. This puts him at the 96 and 93rd percentiles for his age. He checked out great and was disappointed he had to do the "house/apple/umbrella" vision test instead of the one that used letters. 

Below, "playing" a game where he pushes the doctor away and pulls her towards him and shows her how strong he is. 

Cassidy came in at 28 lbs 7 oz and 32.5 inches, which is within a pound and an inch of what her bro was at that age :) She was a little tentative of everyone we came in contact with that day, including the person trying to measure her head :)

Insert no pictures because I was busy dealing with my two melty children and the vaccines they received. Picture me dragging Mr. Almost 50 pounds out of the doc bawling and getting our butts to DQ as quickly as possible. After some ice cream and some rest back at the house, he came walking out of his room sighing and said, "Ah... all better!"

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