Monday, April 27, 2015

Troy's First Night of T-Ball

We asked Troy if he wanted to play t-ball this summer and (not entirely knowing what t-ball even is haha) he said yes! So we signed him up and tonight was his first night!

This was his first team he's ever been on - anything we've done until this point sports-related has been mostly practice, and this league is half practice/half game each week. Something new!

Our friend and incredible sitter Carly came out to cheer Troy on and hang with us. She even made a sign! :) :)

This was his first ever hit off a tee. We've had him swing a bat at home a few times when Mike has pitched it to him, but this was again, something new!

When it came to "game time", Troy's team was the first up to bat, and Troy was the first to bat on his team. The coach did a fantastic job of teaching them as they went, like how you don't bring your glove to bat :) Since Troy was the first one to bat, he hadn't received the memo that you DROP the bat when you hit! Yikes! As you can hear me say in the video, classic t-ball moment.

Mike got in on the action steering kids in the right direction on second base.

We're incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have our son play in team sports in such a great community! Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Illinois Marathon Weekend - And I ran!!

Back in January, I was at the Y with Mike one day and he asked what I was going to do that day. I said, "I kind of feel like running". And so I hopped on a treadmill and ran nearly a 5K! Until that point, the 5K was the farthest I had EVER run at any point in life, so I felt like, well I have to try something longer now! 10K it was, and so I signed up for my first ever this April :)

Fast forward to this weekend, Marathon weekend! I was signed up for the 10K and Troy was signed up for the youth run. He has been asking to "do a race with Mommy" for awhile so I thought this would be a good place to start. First order of business was to head to the expo and pick up our goodies!

Signing his name on the "why I run" wall :)

So the Expo was basically trick or treating with a fitness spin. Walk from table to table, grab some candy and/or other trinkets, say thank you and move on. As soon as Troy realized this, he started to OWN working that room! We went early in the day when it wasn't very busy so all the lovely vendors happily chatted up the four year old boy that introduced himself and politely asked for some of their candy. They ate it up and asked him some questions and wished him luck in his race. After I got over the fact he was getting a ton of candy, I stepped back to see just how awesome it was that he was confident enough to do that!

Fast forward to race day! Saturday morning was WET and cold! This fair-weather runner has never run in the rain before... but knowing that thousands of other people were going to be out there braving the elements (and many of them running double or quadruple what I was running!) was enough to motivate me to do it. Here's some of the half marathoners who started right before my 10K did.

And here I am at the end! I wasn't expecting to feel quite so accomplished but I DID feel amazing, and accomplished and proud all at the same time! Hooray for my first 10k!

When I was training, I wanted to push myself to crack a 10 minute mile (as I was running close to 11 minutes once I switched from the treadmill to outside). About two weeks ago, I went on a run with my friend Jill (who is a speedy runner!) in an attempt to push myself to a ten minute mile pace. Sadly I couldn't do it :/ Imagine my surprise when I found out I ran my first two miles of the 10K at 9:30 min miles and didn't slow down a whole lot the rest of the race! I must have been ready to get out of that COLD and wet weather!

I indulged in a post-race cookie once inside Memorial Stadium :) They were throwing food at us left and right!

My incredibly and amazingly supportive hubby was supposed to be out of town for the race but ended up in town after all! He brought Troy out to the stadium to watch me finish and greet me while my awesome parents hung out at the house with Cassidy :) Thanks to my whole "support team" for being there for me!

Below, a couple pics Mike took while they waited. I guess they were waiting inside for me since it was pouring rain, but headed outside within one minute of my finish time! Even though I didn't think I'd finish in less than one hour and five minutes, Mike believed in me and timed it perfectly!

After the race, we had the best lunch ever. The six of us (Gramma, Grampa, Mike, the kids and I) got Black Dog BBQ to go. Black Dog is famous for its loooong lines, so we decided we'd do takeout. And it was AMAZING. I had had it before but not for awhile. Oh Black Dog takeout, you are awesome!

Continuing the day full of food (haha), Mike and the kids and I found ourselves at a frozen yogurt shop to close out the day. I didn't picture race day to go how it did with all the rain, but it couldn't have been any more perfect in the end! (Well I guess I could have stayed dry, and I guess Troy's youth run could have not been cancelled like it was. But other than that, perfect!)

Cassidy is 18 months old... and amazes me every day!

Happy 1.5 to my big girl!! Going to do an update on her for 18 months and officially retire the monthly posts now until we return for her second birthday :) Here's the scoop on my girl!

Below, she has mastered "say cheese"!

Favorite things to do include read, play outside and move, move, move! The girl is a mover and a shaker! She also thinks she's a four year old at times and now runs to play at preschool for the 8 whole seconds it takes me to get her bro ready to go. She wants to be in the ACTION, always has, always will, I think :)

Speaking of her bro... I mean, COME ON! She's giving hugs like crazy. He asks for 'em, she gives 'em. It's cuteness overload over here.

She loves her "people" and is incredibly vocal and outgoing. Here's her greeting for Mike when he arrives after work.

Sleep is what it is :) She sleeps through the night several nights in a row and then she gets up a few nights around 2am or so again. And back and forth. It'll happen consistently soon. In the meantime, I feel like I get enough sleep so its no biggie. And she is napping great these days!

She loves to "help" and anytime I'm in the kitchen, she sees me and says, "HELP! CHAIR!" and starts dragging the chair across the kitchen. So she'll just eat a snack up there while I clean up or cook or whatever.

She loves the Y still (they both do, yay!) A few times I've picked them up and Troy has said, "MOM! Cass climbs ALL the way up now!" But I hadn't caught it in action until recently. She did really well getting herself down and a friendly staffer spotted her the whole time :) But Troy was right, she goes ALL the way up on the big kids side! Like any other 1.5 yr old, Cass can be a bit of a handful during the day. Climbing, demanding, shrieking you name it. Our house isn't quiet very often, haha :)

Love you, love you sweet girl! You bring sunshine and joy to my life every day!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Track meet!

The Cunningham kids have already been to their fair share of track meets. And will likely be at many, many more in the years to come.

This one was practically in our backyard, at U of I! We headed over after naptime to check out the competition. The kids immediately found one of Mike's co-workers and her adorable and playful puppy. All of a sudden it might as well have been a puppy meet instead of a track meet. Cass looked for the puppy the rest of the time we were there after we eventually parted ways.

We learned a four year old boy and a four month old puppy are a good match, energy wise :)

We had excellent spots to watch the women's pole vault (which later resulted in an Illini athlete setting a school record!)

We also were right by the best part of the steeplechase, where runners splash down into water.

Ah, life. So much sweetness in this peaceful moment. I'm thankful I captured it!

Happy Birthday Anya!

Our friend Anya recently celebrated her fourth birthday! The kids and I were thrilled to celebrate with Anya, her mommy and many of her closest friends with an outdoor party! The kids loved playing on this "ark" or "ship" as Troy called it.

Even Cass... eek!

A couple of the older boys in attendance at the party had a whole bunch of ninja turtles and transformers they were playing with. They (nicely) told Troy they didn't want to share and Troy impressed all the moms with his smooth talking as he continued to try to "sell" himself into the ninja turtle/transformer party. The boys were very nice to him but still said no. He shrugged it off eventually and found somewhere else to play. But he really tried to talk them into it!

Troy and the birthday girl!

Cass found her friend Ellie and plopped down on the ground at her level to see what was up in the world of a not quite 1 yr old. I love how they just stared at each other. 

Thanks, Anya and Rosemary, for a great celebration of this special birthday girl!

Monday, April 20, 2015

With my mind on my money...

....and my money on my mind.

Below, Troy fell asleep with his porcelain piggy bank right next to him. HA!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Future Heartbreaker

I may be a little biased but this guy is some lucky lady's real "catch" 20 years from now :)

Kids Day at Illini Baseball

Since Troy will be heading to the t-ball field soon, we thought we'd take advantage of the Kids Day festivities at an Illini Baseball game to introduce him to the sport.

They were giving tours of the press box and clubhouse for all the kids.  We had to be quiet in the press box as everyone was working hard.

A great view of the game. Have I mentioned how much I love my town and its incredible opportunities?!

Then we ventured over to the Clubhouse. And we found out my kids are in fact their father's children. The baseball game was on TV in there and they both instantly climbed up on the couch to watch. They'd much rather be chilling on a couch in a "suite" watching a game instead of out on the hard bleachers... sound familiar? Haha.

This is his "I don't want to leave the comfy couches" pout.

Everything turned around when it was snack time.. the highlight of any baseball outing! We were outta there by about the third inning. Just enough to get a taste of what the game is all about! :)

On the way out to the car, Cass started doing "hands up". We think its because we were talking about catching foul balls. She cracks me up.

Record breaking

In prepping for next week's 10K I'm signed up for, I wanted to run 6 miles at least once... and so I did! What a beautiful day it was for a run. I loved how I ended up right in campus too! I had never run 6 miles before, ever, so it was worth documenting! Next up - race day!

Sibling love

Those moments when you start to a get a glimpse of what life will be like with two "kids" instead of a preschooler and a toddler...

It was a dark and stormy night on Plum Street....

Well we don't live on Plum Street, but it was dark and stormy. And Daddy was out of town. Hence this happened... Love this boy.